We believe that everyone can contribute to fixing climate change. There's so much we can do. Here are the topics in which we are enabling public participation.

  • Young Adult Education

  • Young Adult Projects

  • Health of the Oceans

  • Health of Freshwater

  • Land Use and Protection

  • Air Quality and Protection

  • Green Energy

  • Fossil Fuel Transition and Retirement

  • Digital Interconnectedness

  • Animal Rights

  • Transportation Systems: Auto, Truck, Train, Plane, and Shipping

  • Local Impact

  • Arts and Culture

  • Financial Economy

  • Wealth Inequality

  • Self Development

  • Indigenous Learnings

  • Chemicals

  • Climate Change Mitigation

  • Climate Change Preparedness

  • Sustainable Food Cycle

  • Sustainable Product Cycle

  • Space

  • Architecture

  • Legislation


Financial resources are necessary to make our organization run.


How you can contribute?

Your contributions will help make our events possible.


You can apply to volunteer with Green Earth and connect with others on the same Missions.

Join our growing community of volunteers, organizations, and people as passionate about the environment as you.

Based in New York

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