The Board

There is a place for everyone who wants to be involved! We welcome energetic, open-minded, and thoughtful people to serve on the Green Earth Board of Directors.

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  • VP of Programs

  • VP of Sponsors

  • VP of Membership

  • VP of Communication

  • VP of Education & Employment

  • Director at Large

  • Fund Allocation Advisor

VP of Programs

Organize and execute Green Earth events and lead a team to do so.

  • Responsible for one general meeting per month.

  • Assign tasks to directors and committees.

  • Coordinate promotion for each meeting.

  • Develop a six-month plan for programs to ensure diversity, progress, and evolution.

Team: Director(s) of Programs

Bring sponsors into the Green Earth fold and support them throughout our relationship.

VP of Sponsors
  • Responsible for finding and confirming multiple sponsors for all events.

  • Ensure that each sponsor is properly promoted across our media.

  • Ensure that each sponsor receives the attendee list after the event.

Team: Director of Photo & Video, Director of Food & Beverage, Director of Venues

Grow and support Green Earth members in enjoying our events, getting value from us, and connecting with other members.

VP of Membership
  • Responsible for expanding list of members and maintaining the relationship with current members.

  • Responsible for developing new leaders and volunteers.

Team: Director of Membership, Director of Volunteers, Director of Outreach

VP of Communication

Bring Green Earth to the world with your communications prowess and enthusiasm.

  • Responsible for promoting the group and events in every way possible.

  • Develop new avenues and methods for promotion.

  • Organize promotional workshops.

  • Provide specific goals and accountability for directors and volunteers.

Team: Director of Website Expansion, Director of Social Media, Director of History, Director of Media Relations

VP of Education & Employment

Educate our membership on the Green New Deal and help members get connected with meaningful employment.

  • Responsible for developing a progressive and challenging curriculum for members toward "Green Earth" certification.

  • Responsible for developing an active and effective job board.

  • Responsible for assessing employment needs and interests of the membership, organize resume writing workshops, job seeker support groups.

Team: Director(s) of Education

Based in New York

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